Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Our team is focused on our customers, we keep it simple and deliver on budget, that's why organisations always choose Bear.

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About our Company

Committed people. Client focused. Forward thinking.

Our Experience

    The Bear Handling team brings together many years of experience in successfully managing innovative businesses, the delivery and maintenance of robust handling equipment across Scotland and the oil & gas industry. With a solid foundation in project development and the backing of a strong team of industry specialists, Bear is able to combine the latest handling equipment and servicing technology to offer cost effective and innovative alternatives to the traditional handling products available in today's marketplace. The Bear Handling team has a reputation for delivering top quality products and services on time and on budget.

Our Philosophy

    At Bear, our philosophy is simple. It is to listen and to simplify. We believe that working this way enables us to deliver to our clients great solutions at great prices. With an acute awareness that simplicity delivers within budgets, we focus on listening to what our customers need very early in our engagement process. It is thanks to this approach that we are able to truly understand our customer’s unique needs. And once we understand, we provide them with the simplest and most cost-effective solution to their pain or problem. It is this philosophy that we believe makes Bear different.